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Bardahl Products

Smart Oil Group is the leading distributor in the Greater Philadelphia region for Bardahl Motor Oil Products.  Bardahl Motor Oil Products have innovated synthetic oil engineering to produce the best synthetic motor oil and additives.

Take a look at our full product line. 

Contact us with any questions about any products.

Call us about our priority delivery so you can offer Bardahl to your customers ASAP.

Bring Bardahl Products into your Shop

Pricing may vary between retail and wholesale

Smart Oil Group is making the full Bardahl line available.


We are going to bring it to you directly.

Our distribution center will organize delivery with YOUR SHOP.

Online shipping will put the power of Bardahl directly in your hands.

Take care of your car. Use Bardahl.

Delivery of Boxes


Fresh motor oil

Bardahl Oil & Additives

Mechanics at Work


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